International Case Studies

Iksan, Korea

Midwestern manufacturing client opening a plant in Iksan, Korea. Needed 3 engineers and a Controller. Client had eaten retainers with one of the global recruitment companies. PartnerWest teamed with affiliate partner in Seoul and had all 4 roles filled within 60 days.

Tokyo, Japan

Fortune 5 Retailer needed a Vice President of Tax and Treasury. With assistance from affiliate partner in Hong Kong had this role filled within 45 days.  PartnerWest also filled a number of other roles within the Controllership.

Davao, Philippines

East Coast manufacturing client needed Engineers with experience in rotational equipment. PartnerWest teamed with affiliate partner in Manila and had this role along with 3 other filled within 30 days.

Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin China

Midwestern engineering client needed professional staff for client sites in multiple locations across China. Teaming with our affiliate partner in Beijing we were able to fill a number of these roles within 45 days.

Mexico City, Mexico

A Fortune 5 retailer needed a Chief Accounting officer for a publicly traded division in Mexico City. With our affiliate offices in San Diego and Mexico City we were able to fill this role with 45 days.